Your ability to help others is a gift that must not be squandered

Your ability to help others is a gift that must not be squandered.  You have to feed it.  Be a person of action when you are confronted with suffering.  Do not just sit on the sideline and wait for someone else to act.  Allow your love for people to consume you.  In doing so, you will live a life that is fulfilling, rewarding, and full of purpose.  The world we live in is individualistic and materialistic.  We are programmed to accept a false set of ideals, which tell us that the acquisition of status, material objects, individual attention, and “friends” will somehow lead to happiness.  I encourage you to reject these ideals and the slavery, which accompanies them.  Live instead, a life of helping others.  Learn to be humble and accept constructive criticism. Put your faith in God, because God has put great faith in you. Choose to be different by truly loving your neighbor.  And in doing so, your world will become a powerfully beautiful place.



Scripture and Science: A Complementary Relationship


The Number 7

God uses the number 7 to create and reveal himself to mankind. God revealed to Moses that the world was created in a 7-day process[1]. God revealed through the Church 7 sacraments that nourish the soul. And God revealed through science the 7 unique colors of the rainbow.

Some of the Rainbow’s unique colors are visible with the naked eye while others are visible with the eye of science. Rainbows are incomplete absent any one color, because the necessary requirement for the sufficiency of a rainbow is the manifestation of each individual color.

Similarly, God created mankind in his image and likeness and imparted 7 Gifts of his Holy Spirit during that process. These 7 gifts are present across humanity.  His gifts, however, cannot manifest their fullest potential absent faith.  Human life is therefore incomplete where faith is absent.  Because the necessary requirement for the sufficiency of an abundant life is the full manifestation of his gifts.

Number Rainbow Gifts of the Holy Spirit
1 Red Wisdom
2 Orange Understanding
3 Yellow Counsel
4 Green Knowledge
5 Blue Fortitude
6 Indigo Piety
7 Violet Fear of the Lord


You Cannot Give what you Do Not Have

Nemo dat quod non habet is a legal rule which states that no person can give or transfer what he does not himself own. For example, the babe who exits the womb and enters the world cannot give his parents knowledge because he has no knowledge to give. The child comes to possess knowledge only through the gift of his parents.   He is otherwise incapable of possessing it on his own.

The rainbow exists because God is its author. The rainbow possesses Green, its 4th color because God gave it to the rainbow. The Church exists because it has a Father. The Church possesses Confirmation, its 4th Sacrament, because God gave it to the Church. Knowledge exists because God is its author. Mankind possesses Knowledge, the 4th Gift of the Holy Spirit because God gave it to mankind.

Science is a Consequence of God’s Creative Act

Green cannot create the rainbow.  A child cannot create its parents.  You can run from your parents, reject your parents, and deny they ever existed. Your resistance will be futile because it is an immutable fact that you are a direct consequence of their creative act.

Science and God cannot be separated because Science is a consequence of God’s creation.  Science is forever connected to God the same way you are biologically connected to our parents. God is the one common ancestor to which all creation can trace its roots. It is God’s DNA that makes up Science. Not Science’s DNA that makes up God.

Scripture vs. Science is a Misnomer

Never once in the history of Catholic thought were faith, reason, science, and the unexplainable ever separated. Catholic thought has always sought to harmonize faith and science. Like the rainbow, all colors must be present for the Church and Humankind to live to its fullest potential.

Genesis tells us that God created every living creature on the 5th Day. Science tells us that the “5th Day” took place over a certain period of time. Genesis tells us that God was not satisfied on the “6th day, so he also created mankind (Adam and Eve) in his own image and likeness.”

Adam and Eve are Homo sapiens one and two. Theirs’ is the story of the beginning of the Human Race and its relationship with the Creator God. Evolution is a scientific explanation of what took place on the “5th Day” before Adam and Eve ever existed. The relationship, therefore, between Scripture and Science is complementary not contradictory.

Dig Deeper

The next time someone presents you with the adversarial model of Scripture vs. Science, remind yourself that their premise is out-of-touch with God’s plan for humanity and your life. God desires faith and science to live in harmony, not the other way around. Then dig deeper into your relationship with Jesus Christ the Father of Faith, Science, and Mankind.

The color green cannot be separated from the rainbow. The colors orange and yellow cannot be separated from the Sun. Nor can science be separated from the mind of God, or love separated from the hearts of those who love him.

God Bless You and Mary Keep You…



[1] The 7 days referenced are not 24-hour days. It is reasonable to infer that God has left the determination of the actual number of days to science, because he has not revealed them in scripture.